Not Sure What to Give This Holiday Season? Try the Gift of LinkedIn

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‘Tis the season of holiday gift-giving and the struggle to determine exactly the right token of appreciation for that certain someone. Want to really stand out from the standard fare of gift cards and boxes of chocolate? Give the gift of LinkedIn to clients, co-workers, friends, or family.

We live in a world where our online social presence has value. And if you want to establish your credibility, having a strong presence on LinkedIn is crucial. After all, when someone does an online search of your name (or you’re searching someone), your LinkedIn profile will more than likely show up as one of the top three returns on the search results page. We know the first and second Google search results receive 50% of click-throughs. So it’s critical to make sure your profile is impressive.

What do I mean by giving the “gift of LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn Recommendations

Taking the time to write a thoughtful recommendation for someone is a big deal. Think about how often we are praised for the work we do. It’s probably not as frequent as we’d like.

So instead of giving candy to a client this holiday season, take a few minutes to write a LinkedIn recommendation (essentially a testimonial) for that person. This doesn’t have to be a novel; three to four sentences is plenty! Then submit that recommendation to the person’s LinkedIn profile for all of their connections to see.

The act of recommending someone is a big deal! It helps the person build credibility and allows the entire world to see whey they’re awesome. And while it’s always nice to receive a holiday card with a few sentences of appreciation, what’s powerful about writing a LinkedIn recommendations is it stays indefinitely on the LinkedIn profile for others to read (including potential employers, clients, etc.).

And another added bonus: The person receiving the recommendation will be touched that you took the time to write a few words on their behalf.

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers

LinkedIn is a crucial tool when looking for work or hoping to be courted. And there are many things a profile should have to really make it stand out among the crowd.

For example, it needs a killer summary section that includes key words that are being used to search for people (on LinkedIn and through search engines). It needs to be organized and written in such a way that highlights the most relevant topics up front. Profiles need the proper headline to get the most traction in search.

That’s why another great idea is to “gift” a person a LinkedIn makeover. This is a wonderful gift for colleagues and clients, or friends on a job search. And don’t forget about a soon-to-be college graduate — they need a killer LinkedIn profile more than most people!

So this holiday season, remember to include the gift of LinkedIn as you finish making your lists and checking them twice.

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