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The world of marketing is changing. It’s not just about social media and writing blog content anymore. If you’re not using the latest tools to market your business (and your clients’ companies), then you are missing big opportunities. Let’s look at three online tools that can help brand your company in new realms.

1. Storify – Content curation is one of the biggest trends in marketing because it’s a great way to brand your business as an expert in a given field. When you use the right tool, content curation also allows you to collect the best content related to your niche and represent that information visually. Storify enables users to find great pieces of information by sourcing social networks and media clips. You use a simple interface that allows you to drag notable Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube videos, and relevant news stories into an online storyboard. You can then manipulate the final batch of information along with additional commentary into a single article that can also be shared via social networks. Final Storify creations are great ways to market to your customers and clients the breadth of work you do.

2. WiseStamp – Let’s face it, email is not going anywhere! And if you’re not using email – or specifically your email signature line – as a marketing tool, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. That’s where WiseStamp comes in handy. WiseStamp is an application that lets you market your business through your email signatures. You can also add social media icons that link directly to your social accounts, as well as your business logo or photos.

3.  Piktochart – Infographics have become one of the hottest content marketing tools online. But until recently, it took an experienced graphic designer and a hefty budget to create one. Piktochart is a new online resource that allows non-designers to create infographics and presentations. With Piktochart, you use a simple drag and drop editor and a template (choose from 80) to create a beautifully-designed infographic you can share via social networks. Piktochart is a great way to visually market your business, especially if what you do is heavily data driven.

As you look at ways to market your business, be sure to think outside the box. Using tools like Storify, WiseStamp and Piktochart will help position you as a marketing expert in your field.

This post originally appeared on the Marketing Eggspert blog.

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