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Featured Stories

Stories from the Middle

For more about life in the Middle America, check out my new site, Stories from the Middle, a place where voices and narratives from Indiana and the Midwest can be heard. Only through the sharing of words and stories will we understand each other and break down stereotypes. Read more.


What This California Woman Learned Moving to a Red State

I used to say I’d never move to a red state. And then I did. And it’s changed my life for the better. As I got to know my new Midwest home, I realize how living in a bubble and subscribing to the Middle America stereotypes is truly damaging to this country. Read my full editorial essay in the Indianapolis Star (IndyStar) and USA Today.


What We Can Learn from Anthony Bourdain’s Legacy

Bourdain’s legacy tells us to reach out to “the other.” Those of us who binge-watched “Parts Unknown” and read his books are not practicing the core of what he preached. Read my full editorial in the Indy Star.



How Do You Create Habits to be a Successful Freelancer? This Tool is What You Need

One of the questions I’m often asked is how do I, as a freelancer who works from home, schedule my time and complete work each day. If you’re struggling with creating a schedule or want to understand how to create habits to get work done, this is the resource you need.


Find Your Writing Tribe in a New City – 7 Strategies

When I moved to Indiana last year, one of the first things I did was look for writing opportunities. To do that, I went to where local writers “hang out” (both physically and virtually). I’m now writing regularly for several well-known local publications. If you recently moved to a new city – or are faced with relocating in the near future – here are a seven strategies to help you find your writing tribe.