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News and Notes

Read My Editor Interview on Beyond Your Blog

One of my favorite websites is Beyond Your Blog, a wealth of information and resources that helps bloggers get published on sites beyond their personal blogs.

Susan Maccarelli, editor of Beyond Your Blog, interviewed me for my role as Managing Editor of the Red Tricycle Spoke Contributor Network. Learn about the work I’m doing at Red Tricycle, and why it’s a great place to publish. Click here to read my interview.


4 Places to Publish to Quickly Build Your Online Writing Portfolio

In my role as an editor, I often work with writers who are just starting to build their online portfolio. These novice writers often ask the same question:

“How do I even begin to pitch myself to big publications and editors if I don’t have anything published online?”

This is a great question and, often times, is one that keeps writers from making those initial pitches. Luckily for writers today, there are several places where you can start publishing right away, without even having to pitch story ideas.

If you’re new and want to get pieces published quickly and establish a portfolio, here are four great places to start.


Want to Reach 20 Million Parents With Your Writing?

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